ASSISTechniques services are offered using a sliding-scale rate ~ you pay what you can afford.

 ASSISTechniques ~ Care & support since 1987

ASSISTechniques understands pastoral care and support as being built upon three inter-connected disciplines:

  1. ​Dedication to a daily practice of awareness, meditation, mindfulness, prayer and/or centering. 
  2. Supportive care and counseling that develops a greater sense of understanding, ease, and comfort, including encountering awareness that grows out of your daily practice.
  3. Finding and fostering a sense of refuge in your own ability to practice and find comfort through your efforts.
​ASSISTechniques also offers Online Retreats a few times each year, to support daily practice.  

Please click on this link to learn more about how ASSISTechniques integrates Personal Practice, Counseling, and Fostering Refuge.... ​
​and please click on this link to learn more about Online Retreats.

Registration is now open for our October 2015 retreat named Mindfulness in the Light ~ a four-week retreat on bringing mindfulness practices into a life of faith. Please click on the graphic above or on this link to learn more. We use a sliding-scale fee and also offer free registration for those who cannot afford to contribute at this time.